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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Additional information on Lawson Claypool(e)

My thanks to Judy Renshaw for sharing some additional information concerning Lawson Claypoole.

According to Judy, Lawson was hit at night after having been taken to church by Alice Claypoole for Wednesday evening prayer meeting, and in the dark parking lot (there being no exterior lights at the church yet), after dropping him off and maneuvering the car she accidentally struck him while backing up, it being winter and he was dressed in dark clothes and most of the cars being black in those days it was nearly impossible to see.  Uncle Law suffered a broken nose and no hard feelings.  She also put the date closer to 1947 or 48.

She also remembered that the death of his wife Jennie was related to a fall down the steps in their small farm house, (the house in West Franklin Township is no longer standing).  Whether Jennie had suffered a stroke, heart attack, or other distress or simply fell is unknown.  She was found at the bottom of the stairs deceased in 1950.

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